Box Office Procedures

Schedule “D” – Box Office


The Bell Centre offers a comprehensive Box Office service.  The Box Office services shall be employed by all Licensees with all tickets to be processed and distributed for each event.  

 Custom Ticket Printing:

 For events where tickets are required in bulk and are either sold or gifted, the charge will be:

a)     $25 Set-up Fee (General or Reserved Seating)

b)     15 cents per ticket

c)     G.S.T. on above listed fees.

 It takes 5 working days to process a ticket printing order.

Ticket Sales:

  For ticketed events requiring full box office services, the charge will be:

a)     $25 Set-up Fee (General or Reserved Seating)

b)     $1.50 Service Charge per ticket sold

c)     15 cents per complimentary/consignment ticket

d)     G.S.T. on above listed fees

e)     2% fee on credit card and debit sales

 The Box Office services include in-person and telephone sales.

 The Box Office hours are Monday to Friday, 8:30am – 4:00pm, excluding statutory holidays. 

 The Box Office will be open 1 hour prior to an event for will call and ticket sales.

 Tickets may be issued to Licensee for consignment sales.

 Tickets may be issued to renter Licensee on consignment for outlet sales.

Reconciliation of consignment sales must take place no later than 3 business days prior to event. Failing this, the Bell Centre assumes no responsibility for the sale of these seats.

The BOX OFFICE NUMBER (to be used in all promotional materials) IS: 604-507-6355

Please bear the above fees in mind when fixing the base ticket price for your event.

The above prices do not include GST